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WorldFAIR: Image Sharing Systems and Practices in Cultural Heritage

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Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Time: 15:00 UTC


This event is part of the RDA 10th Anniversary ‘A Decade of Data’ celebrations in support of February’s spotlight on FAIR products and services.

The theme of this session is 'WorldFAIR: Image Sharing Systems and Practices' and is being presented by the Digital Repository of Ireland (DRI). DRI is the task lead for Work Package 13 in the Horizon Europe-funded WorldFAIR Project, a major global collaboration between partners from thirteen countries across Africa, Australasia, Europe, and North and South America. WorldFAIR is designed to advance the implementation of the FAIR data principles, in particular those for Interoperability, by developing a cross-domain interoperability framework and recommendations for FAIR assessment in a set of eleven disciplines or cross-disciplinary research areas. The DRI is leading the WorldFAIR case study for Cultural Heritage.  

Deliverable 13.1 for the WorldFAIR Project’s Cultural Heritage Work Package (WP13) outlines current practices guiding online digital image sharing by institutions charged with providing care and access to cultural memory in order to identify how these practices may be adapted to promote and support the FAIR Principles for data sharing. It has been compiled as a key information resource for producing the recommendations forthcoming in Deliverable 13.2. The DRI is pleased to be able to present a high-level overview of the landscaping report and invite discussion around developing recommendations.