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Webinar: Turning Fair Data into Reality

The European Commission's FAIR-data expert group shared its progress this week in a webinar organised by LIBER's Research Data Management Group. The webinar was conducted by Simon Hodson, Executive Director of CODATA and chair of the European Commission’s FAIR Data Expert Group and Sarah Jones, Associate Director at the Digital Curation Centre and Rapporteur of the Expert Group. The webinar provides an update on progress and the forthcoming report and Action Plan on ‘Making FAIR Data a reality’.

The FAIR Data Expert Group was convened in March 2017 with a remit to propose recommendations and indicators on what needs to be done to turn FAIR data into reality. The mandate was extended in 2018 to develop the FAIR Data Action Plan and DRI's Director Dr. Natalie Harrower was invited to join the group at this time. The Action plan is intended to guide the implementation of the EOSC but also address broader concerns on an EU, member state and international level. The Plan should act as a rubric for more context-specific FAIR Data Action Plans to be developed at member state and disciplinary levels. The report addresses the changes needed to research culture, infrastructure, skills, metrics and costs to support the transition to FAIR. Details of the main discussion points in the report and preliminary recommendations were shared in the webinar.

The interim report of the Group will be launched at the EOSC Summit in Brussels on 11th June 2018. This launch  will be followed by a workshop where stakeholders are invited to reflect on the content of the Action Plan and brainstorm how this could be progressed further in specific national or disciplinary contexts. The consultation period will continue over Summer with the final report being launched at the Austrian Presidency event in November 2018.

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