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Sharing lessons learnt on adopting RDA Recommendations

Dr. Natalie Harrower discusses the Digital Repository of Ireland, adopting the CoreTrustSeal certification and the added benefits

 "Linking Open Science in Austria" workshop - 24 April 2019, Vienna

The DRI was awarded the Core Trust Seal in 2018, building on its established role as a Trusted Digital Repository (TDR) and this has also been a journey of continuous improvements and in the longer term, of making its services FAIRer. 

The CoreTrustSeal certification was built by the data and research communities under the Research Data Alliance umbrella. Its requirements clearly lead respositories in the direction called for by the FAIR principles consolidating their position as one of the pillars supporting the extended FAIR ecosystem together with the RDM policies, DMPs, PIDs and standards. 

There are many benefits for adopters including creating trust of the depositing communities and domain community, strethening funding opportunities, improving internal review policies and overall providing a valuable process for organisation-wide exchange, discovery and communication. 




The workshop "Linking Open Science in Austria" was a joint experience by OpenAIRE, OpenAIRE NOAD Austria, e-infrastructure Austria Plus, RDA Europe, RDA Austria, GO FAIR International, Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research, FAIRsFAIR, EOSC-hub and is organised by Vienna University Library.

Dr. Harrower's talk was part of Chapter II of the 2 day event,  focused on Services to Support FAIR Data. The session was aimed at discussing what it means for researchers to make their data FAIR and how institutions and services can help them to achieve findable, accesible, interoperable and re-usable data. DRI was one of the usecases highlighting particular services in the FAIR data ecosystem.

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