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The Research Data Alliance is calling on domain specific data experts to join its Ambassador programme

RDA EU Open Call Ambassadors

The RDA Europe Ambassadors programme offers up to six grants of a maximum of €7,000, targeting distinguished and well-connected domain experts who can develop a two-way communication and engagement vector: on one hand by disseminating, globally, RDA outputs and perspectives with data practitioners active in their specific domain of expertise, encouraging them to join the RDA community and become contributors and adopters of RDA outputs; while on the other hand providing insight and practical contribution to RDA groups and activities from the domain community and organisations they represent.

The Ambassador Role - Expectations and Opportunities 

An RDA Europe Ambassador is a recognised domain expert and skilled communicator, serving as conduit between RDA, organisations, and the wider domain specific communities the Ambassador belongs to.

As an Ambassador, you take part in RDA activities and are supported to facilitate a 2-way communication and engagement channel: you will be talking to data practitioners and organisations about the work of RDA, you will disseminate RDA information via informal and formal channels; and will also reflect back from those groups to inform RDA’s future agenda, and make sure input from your domain/discipline specific community(-ies) is incorporated in the work of RDA and the RDA groups.

You will make an active contribution to defining and promoting what RDA has to offer to discipline-specific communities. You will carry out ambassadorial work according to a detailed workplan that demonstrates impact for your community as well as RDA. You will disseminate work via discipline-specific and general RDA communication channels, including presentations, webinars, training sessions, surveys, articles and reports.

Your mandate as Ambassador will start upon the confirmed successful selection and appointment and will be supported for the full duration of the RDA Europe 4.0 project (ending 31 May 2020), ideally beyond that.

The benefits of becoming an RDA Europe Ambassador

There are multiple benefits to becoming an RDA Europe Ambassador. The programme is designed to help you grow your network and collaborate with like-minded people and organisations, while increase the impact of your work for professional growth and recognition.

It will help you stay updated on European research data policies and global practices, current and future developments

RDA Europe is committed to provide you both financial and operational support for your work, and the official acknowledgement of your role and contributions.

How to apply?

To find out more details about the programme, the evaluation and selection criteria and the financial support, please visit

Interested candidates are invited to complete the online application form by 5 December 2018, 17:00 CET. All candidates will be notified of the outcome of their application no later than the 15 January 2019