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Records of the reconstruction of Dublin after 1916

Dublin City Library and Archive have deposited a new collection: Dublin Reconstruction (Emergency Provisions) Act 1916, named for an Act of Parliament passed the same year. This Act was a piece of legislation enacted to provide loans to construct buildings in Dublin city centre to replace those destroyed during the 1916 Rising. The collection comprises an index of queries about and applications for loans, records of applications, and a valuation of properties in Dublin city centre in the aftermath of the Rising.

One sub-collection, the Loan Applications, refers to several buildings in the centre of Dublin, including the Metropole Hotel on Sackville (now O'Connell) Street, as well as buildings on Henry Street, Talbot Street and Eden Quay.

Image: Page from the file relating to the loan application from Hotel Metropole, Lower Sackville Street, Dublin. Correspondence includes letter from Messrs Hayes and Sons (solicitors for applicant) to City Law Agent requesting particulars about Local Government Board loan, 9 July 1918

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