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RDA Ireland Meet the Expert: Dr Bahareh Heravi

Friday, November 29, 2019
National Library of Ireland


Join us on the 29th of November for a new Meet The Expert lecture focusing on communicating scientific data to the public and on the role data journalism can play in addressing the challenges of knowledge transfer and dissemination of scientific information to the broader audiences. In her talk, Dr. Bahareh Heravi will discuss the meeting ground between researchers, information specialists, who are the data producers and curators and data journalists who can support in leveraging the potential of scientific data. 

Dr Bahareh Heravi is a Data and Computational Journalism researcher, trainer, practitioner and innovator. She is an Assistant Professor in Data Journalism at the School of Information and Communication Studies at University College Dublin (UCD), where she leads UCD’s Data Journalism programme. Bahareh is a board member of the Government of Ireland's Open Data Governance Board, and the founding co-chair of the European Data & Computational Journalism Conference. She is the editor of the UCD's Data Journalism publication, and the former Lead Data Scientist and Data Journalist at The Irish Times. Bahareh is named one of 22 high-flying scientists making the world a better place in 2019, and one of top 100 Sci-Tech individuals in Ireland in 2019.


Lecture is open to all, we kindly ask you to register at