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New Collection of DRI Training Videos

Digital Repository of Ireland (DRI) staff members have been building a new collection of training videos this autumn. These short videos share the knowledge and skills that are needed for preparing metadata, navigating DRI’s repository, and ingesting and publishing digital objects to the Repository for digital preservation and sustained access in the future.

The new videos feature several members of the DRI team, each bringing their own set of skills and expertise. DRI Digital Archivist Kevin Long looks at Appraising your Collections for DRI. Daniel Bangert shares his knowledge as National Open Research Coordinator on Metadata, asking ‘why use standardised and structured metadata?’ and introducing Dublin Core. The basics of Your DRI Account, Your Workspace and User Roles; Creating Collections, and Creating Objects are explained by our Education and Outreach Manager Deborah Thorpe. Finally, DRI Policy Manager Aileen O’Carroll invites us to explore Anonymisation of data and Data Protection.

These videos, which will be reviewed and expanded upon throughout 2022, complement our written User Manual and Depositor Manual and our programme of live training and educational events. 

The collection as a whole can be browsed at the DRI Introductory Training Videos Showcase on Vimeo. 

Training and professional development are benefits of DRI membership. Interested in becoming a DRI member? Details of the benefits of membership can be found on our DRI Membership page and if you would like to find out more about applying for membership, please email: