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MoTIF Thesaurus added to Basel register

DRI's MoTIF Thesaurus has been added to the Basel Register of Thesauri, Ontologies & Classifications (BARTOC).

BARTOC is a collection of more than 2,700 controlled vocabularies. The BARTOC Skosmos Browser provides access to SKOS concepts & vocabularies via BARTOC's SPARQL endpoint.

The MoTIF Thesaurus has been added to BARTOC's semantic vocabulary browser along with millions of SKOS concepts and terms. MoTIF is the pilot thesaurus of Irish folklore and was developed by DRI and the National Library of Ireland in 2014. Guidelines on use of the thesauras can be viewed here and the thesauras index here.

The MoTIF entry in the BARTOC register is here and in its Vocabulary Service here.