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Member Benefits

Membership is open to Research Performing Organisations, and institutions, organisations and digital archives that hold humanities and/or social sciences data.

Full membership benefits have been developed to support Higher Education Institutions, national cultural institutions, and government agencies. Full members contribute significantly to the sustainability of DRI’s services.  

Associate membership is envisaged for smaller organisations.


Member’s Network and DRI developmentFull MembershipAssociate Membership

Access to a network of expertise, collaboration, and common purpose

Ability to nominate a representative to DRI’s Board


Access to DRI communications networks for dissemination of events, recruitment, calls for collaboration


Posting rights to the DRI-SHARE mailing list for community discussion and advice

Ability to influence DRI’s development and provision of services


Input into the focus of DRI’s advocacy, e.g. on the development of a national digital strategy, discussions with funders, contributions to national/international e-infrastructures

Streamlined communications and updates about developments in international networks via DRI’s memberships (e.g. DARIAH, Samvera, RDA, IIIF, ALLEA, OECD, DPC)

Use of DRI Member logo on website and other publications

Invitation to the DRI Members’ Forum (twice yearly)

3 places

1 place

Eligible to join DRI Task forces that shape DRI’s requirements


Opportunity to leverage funding via joint applications to funding bodies


Preferential access to DRI experts for support and advice

DRI procurement advice


DRI Training & Professional DevelopmentFull MembershipAssociate Membership

Access to publications, guidelines, templates, and policy advice

Priority booking for training sessions on collection creation and ingest into the DRI repository

3 places

1 place

Priority access to conferences, seminars and problem-targeted workshops for staff development and training

3 places

1 place

Discount to DRI conferences, symposia and events


Eligible to apply for grants/scholarships to attend events in DRI’s network

By invitation

Free attendance at policy advice briefings, networking and skill sharing events

3 places

1 place

Involvement in early user testing of DRI platform, tools and apps


Long Term Digital PreservationFull MembershipAssociate Membership

Long term digital preservation of collections by DRI, a certified Trusted Digital Repository. This includes a robust series of preservation actions

Data storage based in Ireland

Archiving of restricted data


Online Publication of CollectionsFull MembershipAssociate Membership

Deposit of additional collections with each year of membership*

● Support for international metadata standards including (Dublin Core and Qualified Dublin Core, MODS, Marc, EAD)

● Public access to online collections via the user-friendly DRI portal

● Increased reach and visibility of collections

● Members retain control and management of their collections

Image publication via the IIIF standard, enabling in-frame comparisons across multiple online platforms

Usage analytics

Detailed Report

Basic Report

Access to DRI API, e.g. to enable development of bespoke front end access or curation layer


Sharing of CollectionsFull MembershipAssociate Membership

Increased discoverability of collections, via linking of collections and objects with other member’s collections

Assigning of Permanent Identifiers (Digital Object Identifier (DOI) to every published object

Interoperability that provides seamless exchange across multiple platforms:

● Automatically generated citations for collections and objects. Export of metadata in multiple formats (e.g. XML, Endnote)

● Formats consistent with other important data dissemination platforms, e.g.,

● Sharing of collections to range of social media platforms

* Reasonable limits apply. Additional charges will apply for further collections. These charges vary according to the size, complexity and number of collections.


Benefits Detailed


DRI Expertise & Collaborative Network

By joining DRI, you can benefit from and contribute to a robust e-infrastructure for data archiving and preservation, as well as a community network for the exchange of ideas, approaches, and best practices. In becoming a member of DRI, you also contribute directly to the sustainability and growth of DRI’s services. DRI is both a national infrastructure for Ireland’s social and cultural data, as well as a community hub for knowledge exchange and networking in the broad realms of digital archiving, digital preservation, and the online sharing of digital content. DRI also advocates on behalf of its members for national strategies and policies on data preservation, sharing, and reuse.

As a member of DRI, your organisation will have access to the expertise of DRI staff and taskforce members, which includes qualified archivists, librarians, social scientists, humanities scholars, legal advisors, project management professionals, education and outreach specialists, software engineers, system administrators and information and data management professionals (for more information see our team page). DRI draws on international best practice in the realms of digital archiving, digital preservation, repository architecture, open access and open research, open source approaches, and research data management. As a member, you are invited to attend the biannual Members’ Forum, which provides the opportunity to help shape DRI’s development, and to network with a community of common interest. DRI’s focus is on serving the needs of its members, in contrast to commercial services that may have other priorities.

Membership in DRI also provides the opportunity to help set the agenda for DRI’s national and international advocacy work. DRI is widely recognised across Europe for its contributions to repository development, dissemination of digital cultural heritage, best practices in digital archiving and open access, and policy influence in several areas connected to sustainable data management and preservation.

DRI is a part of the H2020-funded European support wing of the global data-sharing network RDA (Research Data Alliance), an active member of the Digital Preservation Coalition (and member of the DPC’s advocacy committee), a partner in the Samvera Project (formerly Hydra), the  Open Repositories Steering Committee, the DARIAH Ireland Steering Committee, and a contributor to the OECD’s position on sustainable data repositories.


DRI Training & Professional Development

DRI places continuing professional development at the core of its training programme and runs a wide-range of workshops and symposiums annually. These events are relevant for all levels of expertise across a range of disciplines and institutions. As a member, you have access to a number of annual training courses that focus on working directly with the repository, including sessions for hands on collection management, metadata preparation and ingestion into DRI’s repository.

DRI also organises cutting-edge seminars on new and developing areas that affect our members,  such as the European Open Science Cloud, Linked Data for Libraries, metadata standards, implementing IIIF, and workflows for Orphan Works. In addition, we hold policy briefings on topics such as GDPR and Research Data Management. Our Knowledge Sharing series provides access to DRI’s expert staff and knowledge, while our lecture and events series provides access to national and international experts in digital preservation. DRI is open to collaboration on externally hosted events with members.

DRI publishes a wide-range of user guidelines, factsheets, and reports which document all aspects of digital curation and preservation and are used nationally and internationally. These publications are freely available on our publications page.

DRI is the founder and home of the Digital Preservation for the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities (DPASSH) conference series and has collaborated with a number of international partners to host this event. In addition, staff regularly serve on Programme Committees and Scientific Advisory Boards for international conferences, such as the Research Data Alliance, Open Repositories, PASIG, ICSU, and ALLEA.

Members will avail of free places, discounts, or priority booking on all events.


Long Term Digital Preservation

DRI is a Trusted Digital Repository (Data Seal of Approval granted in 2015) that provides long term digital preservation and access to digital collections. Digital objects are fragile. Preservation in the long term is uniquely complicated and fast changing, and DRI provides a range of expertise and technologies to ensure that national and international standards of best practice are met. Trusted Digital Repositories are key to meeting the research data management demands outlined by funding agencies.

Preservation is more than storage. Long term preservation of digital objects includes a robust series of processes that ensure object integrity and accessibility over time, including: storage across multiple sites, file format migration as necessary, metadata quality control, version tracking, integrity checking, and multiple ingest methods.

DRI understands the importance of ethical norms in the management and storage of research data, particularly those pertaining to consent, confidentiality and the protection of personal data. DRI enables a variety of ways of restricting access to digital data where this is necessary and DRI staff are available to provide advice and guidance to our members.


Online Publication of Collections

DRI grants exemplary access to the general public and specialist audiences to our cultural and social heritage. DRI also promotes our members’ collections at national and international events and through its active social media engagement.

DRI advocates for the use of international best practice in digital preservation.  To ensure that deposited collections can be understood and re-used, the DRI repository ensures that our members’ digital collections and data are associated with rich metadata and contextual information. DRI supports a range of metadata standards which are extensively used nationally and internationally: Dublin Core, Qualified Dublin Core, MARC, MODS and EAD. This allows our members to choose the standard which best suits their collection and domain expertise. Additionally, DRI has implemented the IIIF image interoperability standard, which enables rich viewing and zooming of images across DRI, and any other IIIF online platform.

Access to the DRI API allows members to develop bespoke portals to their digital collections and objects, which are deposited and preserved within DRI. This allows for potential inclusion (if desired) in projects that promote the depositor’s collections via a themed curation portal, as with the Inspiring Ireland project.


Sharing of Collections

Uniquely, DRI hosts collections from a diverse range of members organisations, allowing members of the public to draw connections and discover links between digital objects from different members. It thus supports serendipitous discovery and increased reach via associations with similar objects and collections from other members.

DRI supports interoperability and thus allows collections to be shared with other domain specific dissemination platforms like, and Europeana. Visitors to online collections and digital objects can share their findings with a range of social media platforms. Metadata attached to each object within DRI can be exported to bibliographic applications or in XML format. Each digital object within DRI is assigned a unique citation and permanent identifier - DRI partners with DataCite to mint Digital Object Identifiers (DOI). These steps ensure both the long term discovery of the object and that the the depositor and member organisation is permanently associated with the digital objects they have deposited with DRI.


Download a summary of benefits:

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These benefits are valid for the calendar year 2018. Terms and conditions apply

For additional information see DRI’s membership policy


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