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Longford County Library, Heritage and Archives Services joins DRI

Longford County Library, Heritage and Archives Services have joined DRI as a Member. The Archives contain a wide variety of material from local authority and private collections. The local authority collections include materials from many 19th century District Councils and Poor Law Unions across the county, while the private collections originate from the papers of many landed estates and businesses. A broad range of materials have been digitised and DRI look forward to working with Longford on preserving and making available these collections.

Martin Morris, County Archivist, said:

"Longford County Library, Heritage and Archives Services look forward to working with the DRI. Membership will allow us to preserve and share our digital collections, which are growing. We also look forward to learning from the experiences of other members".

DRI Director Natalie Harrower said:

"Longford County Council holds a rich and varied collection of archival material that spans over four centuries, and by depositing with DRI they intend to both preserve this history in digital form, as well as to make it more broadly available to the public. In joining DRI they have indicated they are interested in collaborating with other members in DRI’s growing network of organisations committed to best practice in digital preservation and access. We are delighted to welcome them aboard and look forward to seeing, amongst other fascinating items, the Grand Jury manuscript books that date from the 18th century.”