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Launch of Qualified Dublin Core and the Digital Repository of Ireland

We are pleased to announce that Qualified Dublin Core and the Digital Repository of Ireland - a guide to preparing Qualified Dublin Core metadata for DRI ingestion - has been published today.

In 2012 the Digital Repository of Ireland published Digital Archiving in Ireland, a report which collated findings on digital archiving practice in Irish organisations. This report included an assessment of the metadata schema which are currently in use in Ireland across libraries, archives, museums and other repositories.

DRI encourages the use of good practices in digital archiving and digital preservation, and we recommend that cataloguers use the metadata schema which is most appropriate for their domain. In order to support the publication of multiple metadata schema in the Repository, and to facilitate cross-searching of diverse collections, DRI is developing a series of metadata guidelines for cataloguers.

Our guidelines are not intended to modify or replace standard schema, but to aid cataloguers in selecting which metadata elements to include, and to advise on the application of standardised formats and vocabularies.

These guidelines are the second in our series on metadata preparation for DRI. The first guidelines in our series, published in January 2015, relate to (simple) Dublin Core. Upcoming in our series are guidelines on EAD, MODS and MARC.

The Guidelines were launched at today's meeting of DRI's Stakeholder Advisory Group, at the Royal Irish Academy headquarters of DRI in Dublin.

For more information, see our Publications page.