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Journal article by DRI staff published

An interesting paper written by current and former members of the DRI team has been published in the Library and Information Research Journal. The paper, titled 'A consideration of copyright for a national repository of humanities and social science data', examines the ways in which DRI, as a content holder and data publisher, has investigated copyright and intellectual property rights in order to develop workflows, policy and the Repository infrastructure. 

This report outlines the legislative context in which the DRI Copyright and IP Task Force (CIPT) worked, and how it developed policies and legal documentation for the Repository to address copyright challenges. The authors also presented a case study on Orphan Works, using the example of one of DRI's demonstrator projects, Clarke Stained Glass Studios Collection.

About the authors: Rebecca Grant is the DRI Digital Archivist, based at the Royal Irish Academy, and current Chair of the DRI Copyright and IP Taskforce. Marta Bustillo is Assistant Librarian, Digital Resources & Imaging Services, The Library of Trinity College Dublin. Sharon Webb was formerly Knowledge Transfer Manager for the Royal Irish Academy's contribution to the DAH collaborative PhD, and is currently Lecturer in Digital Humanities at the University of Sussex.

The article can be downloaded for free from the Library and Information Group (LIRG) website. LIRG is a special interest group of CILIP (Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals) Follow CILIP-LIRG on Twitter here.