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Interview with DRI Director in new special issue of HJK

The most recent edition of the Hamburg Journal for Cultural Anthropology (Hamburger Journal für Kulturanthropologie - HJK) features an interview with DRI Director, Dr. Natalie Harrower. The special issue, entitled {D1G1TAL HER1TAGE}: From cultural to digital heritage tackles the growth of digital cultural heritage. As editor Samantha Lutz writes in the abstract to the issue, "The digitization of text, images, and other cultural materials has become a common practice in European Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums (GLAMs); in consequence cultural heritage is labelled and perceived as »digital heritage«. The contributions critically research and reflect the metacultural production and emerging changes of professional heritage work."  

HJK is an open access journal, and this issue has a mix of articles in English and German. The introduction to the special issue is available for PDF download here:

Dr. Harrower's interview is titled "On Reflexive and Participatory Approaches in Digital Preservation Today", and approaches the topic of digital cultural heritage from the perspective of digital preservation, public engagement, and public access. The PDF is available for download here:

The special issue emerges from a seminar series on 'Digital Heritage' run by the Institute of European Ethnology/Cultural Anthropology at the University of Hamburg in 2015-2016. Dr. Harrower addressed the seminar in December 2015, and was interviewed by Samantha Lutz in 2016.

Citation: Harrower, Natalie. "On reflexive and participatory approaches in digital preservation today. Interview with Samantha Lutz." Hamburger Journal für Kulturanthropologie (HJK) [online], 0.7 (2017): 63-76. Web.