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International Advisory Group




International Advisory Group Information

A key objective of DRI is to build strong international links with experts in the development of national trusted digital repositories to ensure that the DRI is developed in line with international best practice and is informed of continuing developments in this field.  To ensure this, an International Advisory Group has been established. The group is comprised of 8 international experts with a breadth of experience covering different aspects of trusted digital repositories for the Humanities and Social Sciences. The International Advisory Group will meet on an annual basis to make a critical examination of the project work and provide technical and strategic oversight, guidance and feedback to DRI.

Dr. Elizabeth Bishop
Senior Officer- Research Data Management Support Services
UK Data Archive
Dr. Louise Corti
Associate Director & Head ESDS Qualidata
UK Data Archive
Prof. Peter Doorn
Director of Data Archiving and Networked Services (DANS)
Prof. Hans Walter Gabler
Professor Emeritus
Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, Munich (Germany)
Dr. William Kilbride
Digital Preservation Coalition (UK).
Prof. Clifford Lynch
Coalition for Networked Information - CNI (USA)
Dr. Hans Jørgen Marker
Director at Svensk Nationell Datatjänst and CESSDA (Sweden)
Dr. Johan Oomen
Manager, R&D
Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision
Prof. Norman Vance
Professor of English Literature
University of Sussex (UK)