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Guidance on implementing PlanS for Open Access - Open for public feedback


The Guidance on how Plan S is to be implemented was presented by cOAlition S on the 26 November in London, UK. The guidance provides further clarifications on the Plan S and describes implementation modalities. It is also aimed at answering questions and comments arising from feedback received and ongoing discussions on Plan S.


The Guidance itself is now open for public consultation via the cOAlition S website:

Contributions can be provided until the 1 February 2019 at 17h00 CET. 

Plan S and the supporting cOAlition S were announced last September. The inititiative is currently counting 14 national funders, 3 charitable foundations and 21 supporting organisations. The Plan has had mixed reviews, with groups of stakeholders calling for caution in the implementation and providing recommendations and feedback on issues that should be further clarified or considered. 

The ALLEA e-Humanities working group, chaired by DRI’s Director Dr Natalie Harrower, has contributed to an ALLEA response to Plan S that takes into greater account the domain specific perspective of Humanities researchers. 


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