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EDF2013 Conversation




Curated by
Digital Enterprise Research Institute (DERI)
Digital Repository of Ireland (DRI)


Here's a session-by-session breakdown of EDF2013, from the perspective
of social media. EDF2013 took place at Croke Park in Dublin, April 9-10, 2013.

Enjoy the tweets, pictures, and commentary. Use the menu below to jump to a particular session. If you would like to read the entire curated output of tweets, visit the EDF2013 Extended Conversation


Day 1
9:00-11:00 Opening Sessions & Award
11:30-12:30 Morning Session
14:00-15:45 First Afternoon Session
16:15-18:00 Second Afternoon Session & Closing
Sidetrack Sessions

Day 2
9:00-12:00 Morning Sessions
14:00-15:45 First Afternoon Session
16:15-17:30 Second Afternoon Session & Closing
Sidetrack Sessions
EDF2013 Exhibitors








Day 2