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DRI Training and Education


Our Focus on Training and Education

Digital archiving and digital preservation are ongoing processes that benefit from shared standards and evolving best practice; they are community practices. As a hub for international best practice, engaging in and providing learning opportunities—from hands-on asset preparation through sharing collections with new audiences—is central to our work. The Digital Repository of Ireland (DRI) team is committed to ensuring that members are equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to play their part in providing sustained access to digital objects. In addition, we organise regular events that draw attention to the richness of these resources and instruct end users in how to find and use them. As a trustworthy digital repository that provides online access to digital resources, educational events in the areas of digital preservation, open science, and more, are central to DRI’s work in the development of policy, and our advocacy for best practice in these areas.

The DRI team is committed to ensuring that staff engage in continuous professional development; all DRI staff members have completed the Hibernian Training Delivery and Evaluation Course QQI Level 6 or hold an equivalent training qualification in higher education.

What We Provide

We invite you to explore the following published resources, user guides, and videos on the topics involved in digital preservation, navigating the DRI Repository, and preparing collections for the Repository. These resources are systematically reviewed, added to, and updated by the DRI team and we welcome your suggestions. We also welcome DRI members and our wider communities to engage with our programme of training and educational events and the DRI Early Career Research Award.

DRI Publications

The DRI Publications page offers an array of helpful resources,including:

  • Guidelines on preparing metadata, ingesting collections, and transferring files.
  • Reports issued by DRI as outputs of various projects and activities.
  • Factsheets and ‘How to DRI’ series outlining the process of ingesting collections into DRI.
  • Policy documents published by the DRI.

You can also find persistent versions of these resources in the repository, under the ‘Digital Repository of Ireland Publications’ collection.

Resources on Research Data Management and the DRI

Rigorous data management is increasingly required by research grants and government funders, while long-term digital preservation of research data generated by higher education institutions and research centres is an essential part of Open Access and the FAIR data principles of  findability, accessibility, interoperability, and reusability. DRI provides assistance to researchers to archive and preserve their research outputs in line with the FAIR principles.  Find out more on our Research Data Management page.

DRI User Guides

DRI has developed Guides to assist our members with navigating and depositing in the repository.

The DRI ‘User Manual’ focuses on navigating the repository, covering:

We also have a ‘Depositor Manual’ that provides guidance on areas such as:

DRI Training and Event Videos

Our online training videos complement our written User Guides, and are intended to give step-by-step guidance on using and depositing in the repository:

Our Frequently Asked Questions videos look at common issues for Repository depositors and users, in under 3 minutes:

Part of the DRI’s educational strategy is delivered through a  programme of live educational webinars. Recordings of past webinars can be found in the DRI Event Videos collection. These cover a range of topics including using digital archives for academic research; publishin FAIR data; rapid response web and social media archiving; archival activism and community archiving; and research data management, among many others.

Online and In-Person Training and Education Support

The DRI offers its members online and, where government guidelines allow, in-person training. Details of upcoming training initiatives are distributed to members by the DRI team. We invite DRI members to get in touch with our Education and Outreach Manager Dr Deborah Thorpe with any queries about training requirements.

Our educational programme of webinars is open to the public, with the details being advertised via our News and Events pages. 

The DRI Early Career Research Award

DRI is committed to supporting early career researchers through initiatives like the DRI Early Career Research Award. This Award was launched in 2019 and grants a prize for an original piece of research (e.g. research done for master’s or PhD thesis, article or publication) informed in whole, or in part, by objects/collections deposited in DRI. Unpublished research is also considered, as long as the work is intended for eventual publication. Find out more about the Award, previous winners, and the application process on the DRI Early Career Research Award page.

Other helpful resources


DRI encourages the use of existing vocabularies in repository metadata. Vocabularies tend to be discipline or domain specific, and as we are a multi-disciplinary repository, we will not be creating a DRI specific vocabulary. Instead, we're providing links to standard vocabularies for your information.

Contact DRI about Training and Education

The resources above are by no means exhaustive, and we welcome you to get in touch with our Education and Outreach Manager Dr Deborah Thorpe to discuss your training needs, give us feedback on our programme, and/or suggest collaborations or new resources.