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DRI releases Irish-language MARC terms

The DRI has produced a localised list of Irish-language MARC relator terms to enable Irish or bilingual displays

The MARC standard is a metadata standard for library catalogues. It is a machine-readable way of describing bibliographic information. 

The MARC Relator terms list provides a standard set of terms to describe the relationships between agents (typically individuals or organisations) and the resource being described (a book, or other Library holding). Each MARC Relator entry has a human-readable term, for example "Author", "Distributor", "Translator", etc. and a machine readable code that can identify that term to a computer. The DRI has now produced a localised list of terms so that any organisation wishing to produce an Irish or bilingual computer interface can display the terms in Irish without losing the connection to the underlying machine-readable code.

These translations have been released under the Open-Source Apache 2.0 licence and made available for download as part of the DRI's repository application at

We hope that other organisations who are producing Library software will make use of these translations to enable them to more easily provide bilingual interfaces for their users.