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DRI Board


DRI Board Information

The principal governance structure of the DRI is the Board. The current DRI Board was appointed in 2017 following a call for nominations that was open to all DRI Members. Appointees were ratified by the Executive Committee of the Royal Irish Academy, and serve 3-year terms. The role of the DRI Board is to:

  1. Oversee the work of the Management Team: the DRI Director in his/her role as the Chair of the Management Team will report to the DRI Board on the implementation of the DRI work programme

  2. Ensure the accountability of the Management Team.

  3. Provide strategic guidance to the DRI Director and guide the strategic planning and implementation processes.

The full Terms of Reference of the DRI Board can be found here


Director, NLI
Executive Secretary, RIA
Professor, MU
Chief Digital Officer, RTÉ
University Librarian, DCU
Director, UCCDH
Director, TLRH & Chair, IRC
Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI) Director and Deputy Keeper of the Records