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DRI Code on Github and IIIF deployment

The Digital Repository of Ireland Hydra Application was recently published on the online code repository GitHub. This enables developers the world over to access the code used in building the DRI Repository.  DRI uses open source software and is committed to making the code used to build the repository publicly accessible.

The DRI codebase adds to an already existing corpus of open-source repository applications developed using the Hydra Framework, by institutions such as Stanford University Library, University of Hull, London School of Economics and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. A list of Hydra implementations can be found here.

The code can be used by organisations who are creating a repository. They might reuse DRI code as is or with small customisations to fit their own use case, or they might use aspects of our code as a model for writing their own code. Organisations who adopt the DRI codebase may also contribute enhancements back to the codebase which may help to improve the service offered by the DRI.

Maynooth University Library are an example of an organisation currently using the DRI codebase to deploy their own institutional repository.

The DRI codebase implements a number of useful features which other organisations might want to replicate. For example, the code supports IIIF and Mirador. IIIF (International Image Interoperability Framework) is a protocol for standardized image retrieval created by a community of the world’s leading research libraries, major national libraries and not-for-profit image repositories in an effort to collaboratively produce an interoperable technology and community framework for image delivery. Mirador is a configurable image viewer, which enables image annotation and comparison of images from repositories dispersed around the world. Both these protocols and viewers allow users to view images from DRI in high quality, and to display them alongside images from other institutions.

View the DRI codebase on Github here.