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DRI to co-host the IDCC2020 in Dublin

The 15th edition of this well-established conference will aim to bring together an international gathering of individuals and organisations at the forefront of digital curation, and further engage the Irish community in the work of the international digital curation community. 

The DRI is one of Ireland’s key research centres for best practices in digital archiving, repository infrastructures, preservation policy, research data management and advocacy at the national and European levels. The Digital Repository of Ireland has an excellent reputation for managing and curating humanities and social sciences data from a wide range of Irish institutions across the education, culture and government agency sectors, and is particularly known for cultural heritage curation through its collaborative platform, Inspiring Ireland ( DRI contributes to policy making nationally (e.g. via the National Open Research Forum and the Irish Research Council), and internationally, including European Commission expert groups, the Digital Preservation Coalition, DARIAH, and the OECD.

DRI will work closely with the Digital Curation Center in making the 2020 edition of the International Data Curation Conference engaging for all researchers, data practitioners and policy makers and other data curation stakeholders. The aim is to bring forward an agenda focused on the latest developments, key challenges and relevant best practices covering Data Curation and Data Preservation as key research data management practices. Other areas of interest include

  • Data curation and research funding,
  • Open Science - policy and practice perspectives)
  • Domain-specific insights - data curation and preservation in the humanities and social sciences
  • Research data
  • Business records & cultural heritage - common principles and best practices
  • FAIRifying data curation - debugging the myth
  • Data curation and preservation - learning from the Irish experience and much more. 


Submissions for papers, lightning talks, posters, demonstrations and workshops are open at

- Papers, 1 July 2019
- Lightning Talks, 1 July 2019
- Demonstrations, 29 July 2019
- Workshops, 29 July 2019
- Posters, 30 September 2019


The conference will be held from the 17th to the 20th of February 2020 at Croke Park. Dublin has been selected for the unique cultural experience it offers as well as for being one of the most well-connected cities in the world, particularly well-connected to the rest of Europe and several hubs in North America and the Middle East.

Overview of DRI's announcement of the IDCC2020 conference