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Two new collections on Irish Agriculture

The Irish Qualitative Data Archive (IQDA) has published two new collections on Irish Agriculture, which include interviews about relational sustainability, and the invention of new implementations:

Farmers and Relational Sustainability Collection
Farmers and Relational Sustainability Collection  was a research project conducted using the Biographic Narrative Interpretive Method on the topic of relational sustainability in Ireland. The interviews explored the experiences of farmers, fishers and rural dwellers of relationships in their communities: relationships between people; between people and land; between people and animals; between animals and land. 
Dr Áine Macken-Walsh is a Senior Researcher Officer and sociologist with the Teagasc, Rural Economy Development Programme.
For more information on the collection, and to obtain access to it, see the this link

Farmers and Their Inventions Collection
From Knowledge to Invention: exploring user innovation in Irish agriculture’ was a successful doctoral research project conducted at The Open University (UK) from 2012-2016 with funding from the Teagasc (Ireland) Walsh Fellowship Scheme. The study explored the processes and motivators of farmers who invent useful artefacts for the farm and their relationships with formal agricultural organisations. It investigated the economic, social, and cultural factors that influence whether they share or commercialise their inventions. Researcher, 
Dr Trish O’Flynn first went to University in 2011 after a long career in local government policy and lobbying, achieving Master’s in Public Advocacy and Activism (First) at the National University of Ireland (Galway). Her thesis topic was ‘Rural Identity and Protest Mobilisation: The Case of the Turf Cutters and Contractors’ Association’.
She deposited her collection with the Irish Qualitative Data Archive, who have deposited with the Digital Repository of Ireland to ensure the collections long term digital preservation. 
For more information on the collection, and to obtain access to it, see this link

For both collections research transcripts are available for further research, and access is restricted to bona fide users of the materials. Interested parties should apply to the Irish Qualitative Data Archive for access.