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DRI and STARTS Residencies programme

DRI have successfully applied to be a Tech Project in the Vertigo STARTS Residencies programme

The STARTS Residencies programme aims to support and fund artistic residencies that bring original artistic contributions to technology-based projects. The VERTIGO project is a Coordination and Support Action (CSA) supported by the H2020 Program of the European Commission. The project gathers a consortium of experienced partners in the fields of art-science collaborations, design, tech research and innovation. The STARTS initiative - Innovation at the nexus of Science, Technology, and the ARTS - funds and encourages collaboration of the arts with technology, for instance, by including artists in H2020.

During each STARTS Residency, a tech project collaborates with an artist, leading to the creation of an original artwork, and the development of the innovative aspects of the tech research.

The call is open to experienced artists of any artistic field and of any nationality. Artists select a tech project from the list of available projects

DRI's proposal to an interested artist is to create an online interactive narrative experience combining multimedia materials from the DRI Repository, and to imagine new ways to discover and interact with materials from Digital Repositories based on online narrative experiences. These will combine materials from multiple Digital Repositories and will include a range of multimedia resources; audio, video, text and images. These should be woven into a creative narrative and presented via a IIIF viewer. The artist will choose the theme and develop the narrative, and design how the materials will be presented and the interactions possible. We hope that this will provide new and innovative ways to interact with Digital Repository collections, using narratives to guide the user to experience the Repository holdings. It will showcase the materials from the DRI Repository in a novel way, and allow us to present materials from our Repository in a context of other digital collections held in Ireland and abroad.

Artists can apply for residencies up to the deadline of November 28, 2018. An international jury will select the laureates and the results will be announced during the STARTS Residencies event at Centre Pompidou in March 2019.

More about DRI as a STARTS Residency Tech project here, and about the STARTS Residencies programme here.