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Irish Lifetimes

Language of Materials
English, although if Irish language oral/life histories become available in the interim, then we plan to include them. 

Media Types
Text documents and audio files (wav format).

Demonstrator Project  Description
Lifetimes will be a cross-searchable, thematic digital resource that will comprise a comprehensive record of changing lives and times in Ireland from the foundation of the state.  Built on oral and life histories deposited in the Irish Qualitative Data Archive (IQDA), Lifetimes will document the life stories of Irish people who grew up in different historical periods, including some of our oldest residents.  It will also create a dynamic user interface where individual members of the public and local community groups can submit and share their recollections and experiences of changing social life in Ireland. As we are now in a period of commemoration, the Irish Lifetimes project allows us to explore the ways in which Irish lives have changed during the course of the century, while also demonstrating the value of qualitative data.

Demonstrator Deliverables
Subject to careful archiving protocols, this digital resource will provide:

  • Searching across life history datasets
  • Browsing across life history datasets by theme and historical period
  • Visualisation of data by time, theme and place
  • Structured access to limited data not subject to licensing restrictions
  • A facility for members of the public to contribute their own life stories and memories.


How this Project Contributes to the Technical Development of the DRI
Lifetimes will provide a robust demonstration of the capacity of the DRI to:

  1. provide innovative, value-added processing and delivery of qualitative social science data to researchers, educators and policy-makers;
  2. establish and maintain rigorous standards for research documentation and the preservation of informant confidentiality;
  3. open up funded research outputs to new user communities.