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Nuno Lopes

Nuno Lopes

DRI-INSIGHT Linked Data Specialist

Digital Repository of Ireland

PhD, MSc
Research Interests
Semantic Web, Linked Data, Reasoning, Knowledge Representation, Data Integration, Querying, SPARQL


Dr. Nuno Lopes is a Research Associate with the Digital Enterprise Research Institute (DERI), member of the Reasoning and Querying Unit (URQ).

He is especially interested in Knowledge Representation, Querying, and their application to Linked Data. During his PhD studies he worked on extensions of standard languages to facilitate integrating and converting data between heterogeneous formats.

Resulting from this research, the XSPARQL language is an accepted W3C Member Submission that facilitates transforming data between relational databases, XML, and RDF. XSPARQL also implements the W3C RDB2RDF standard for transforming data from relational databases to RDF.

Selected Publications

Stefan Bischof, Stefan Decker, Thomas Krennwallner, Nuno Lopes, Axel Polleres. "Mapping between RDF and XML with XSPARQL."  Journal on Data Semantics, 1(3): 147-185, 2012.

Antoine Zimmermann, Nuno Lopes, Axel Polleres, Umberto Straccia "A general framework for representing, reasoning and querying with annotated Semantic Web data." Journal of Web Semantics, 2011.

Nuno Lopes, Sabrina Kirrane, Antoine Zimmermann, Axel Polleres, Alessandra Mileo "A Logic Programming approach for Access Control over RDF." Technical Communications of the 28th International Conference on Logic Programming, ICLP 2012.

Nuno Lopes, Axel Polleres, Umberto Straccia, Antoine Zimmermann "AnQL: SPARQLing Up Annotated RDFS"  Proceedings of the International Semantic Web Conference 2010, 2010.