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Kristina Bako

Kristina Bako

Systems and Storage Developer

Trinity Centre for High Performance Computing

BEng in Video and Audio Engineering, MEng in Telecommunications - Network Implementation
DRI Role

Leader Work Package 8: Storage

Research Interests
IT infrastructure, Web services technologies, cloud computing, Java technologies
+353 87 6965870



Kristina Bako joined the High Performance Computing team at TCD in 2012. Prior to this she worked for many years for multi-national companies, in Ireland, and overseas, in the field of design, evaluation, application and management of small systems such as video converters and low power computer systems. Kristina’s work involves being part of many product life cycles — bringing a product to market from the initial idea to the final product and its support afterwards. In software development her experience is with Java technologies and she has worked with android systems.

Selected Publications

Kristina Bako, ‘JPEG2000 Image Compression’, available at: