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Susan Schreibman

Susan Schreibman

Professor of Digital Humanities and Director of An Foras Feasa

Maynooth University

BS Business Management, BA English Literature, MA Anglo Irish Literature and Drama, MA English Literature and Creative Writing, PhD Anglo Irish Literature and Drama
Research Interests
Digital Humanities, Digital Curation



Susan Schreibman is Professor of Digital Humanities and Director of An Foras Feasa. Her research in the Digital Humanities ranges from text encoding and the creation of digital scholarly editions, to more recent interests in Virtual Worlds and Datamining. In Irish poetic modernism she has focused on the life and work of the Irish poet, literary and art critic, and Director of the National Gallery of Ireland (1950-63), Thomas MacGreevy (1893-1967).

Over the past decade she has held held several leadership positions in digital humanities/libraries centres. Previous to taking up this post, she was the Trinity Long Room Hub Senior Lecturer in Digital Humanities (2011-2014), the Director of the Digital Humanities Observatory (2008-2011), a national digital humanities centre developed under the auspices of the Royal Irish Academy. Previously she  was Assistant Dean for Digital Collections and Research, University of Maryland Libraries (2005-2008), and Assistant Director of the Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities (2001-2004).

She is the the founding editor of several web-based projects, including Letters of 1916The Thomas MacGreevy ArchiveIrish Resources in the Humanities, and The Versioning Machine , a tool to edit and visualise multiple versions of deeply-encoded text.

She is the series co-editor of Topics in the Digital Humanities (University of Illinois Press) and the founding Editor-in-Chief of the peer-reviewed Journal of the Text Encoding Initiative.

Selected Publications


Companion to Digital Humanities. Second Edition. Edited by Susan Schreibman, R.G. Siemens and John Unsworth.   Wiley-Blackwell (Oxford). Anticipated publication date 2014.

Thomas MacGreevy: A Critical Reappraisal. Edited by Susan Schreibman (Bloomsbury Press). May 2013.

Companion to Digital Literary Studies. Edited by Susan Schreibman and Ray Siemens. Blackwell (Oxford) 2007. Reprinted in paperback 2013

Companion to Digital Humanities. Edited by Susan Schreibman, R.G. Siemens and John Unsworth. Blackwell Blackwell (Oxford) 2004.  Reprinted in paperback Autumn 2007

Collected Poems of Thomas MacGreevy: An Annotated Edition, edited, introduced and annotated by Susan Schreibman. Co-published by Anna Livia Press (Dublin) and The Catholic University of America Press (Washington, DC) 1991 .178 p

Siete poetas noretamericanas actuales translated by Susan Schreibman  and Rosa Lentini. Editorial Pameila (Spain) 1991; reprinted 1992.

Articles and Book Chapters

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