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Sharon Webb

Sharon Webb

DAH PhD Programme Knowledge Transfer Manager

Digital Repository of Ireland, Royal Irish Academy

BA(Hons), PhD
DRI Role

Knowledge Transfer Manager, DAH PhD Programme

Research Interests
Digital history, digital humanities, hypertextuality, alterity politics, Irish nationalism, associational culture, civil society.

+353 (0) 1 609 0696


Sharon Webb is the Knowledge Transfer Manager for the Royal Irish Academy's contribution to the DAH collaborative PhD, which is administered by DRI. Formerly, Sharon was DRI’s Requirements Analyst, based in An Foras Feasa at NUI Maynooth.

Sharon has a PhD in History from NUI Maynooth, which was funded by the HEA under the PRTLI4 Humanities, Technology and Innovation award. Her thesis, entitled ‘A study of associational culture and the development of Irish nationalism, 1780-1830, with the construction of a software information environment’, can be described as a digital humanities project as it entailed software development as well as historical research and reflects her background in history and computer science. It describes advances and developments in Irish nationalism during the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century within a twenty-first century digital framework. 

Sharon was also course co-ordinator for an undergraduate module, Humanities Computing I, at NUI Maynooth and has lectured on the Digital Humanities MA, DAH and NUIM generic skills modules on topics including, but not limited to, data modelling for the humanities, digital preservation, requirements analysis, use case modelling and UML.

Selected Publications

Webb, S., Teehan, A. and Keating, J.G. (2013). The born digital graduate: Multiple representations of and within digital humanities PhD theses’. In Fowley, C. English, C. and Thouësny, S. (Eds.) Internet in the humanities: an insight from Ireland.

Webb, Sharon. (2012). “Reconfiguring Narrative” Using Digital Tools. Scholarly and ResearchCommunication, 3 (3): 030131, 8 pp.