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Kieran O'Leary

Kieran O'Leary

Access and Digital Collections Developer

Irish Film Archive

BA (Hon) Philosophy & English Literature (University College Cork) , MA Archives Administration (University of Aberystwyth – Ongoing)
DRI Role

Member of DRI Metadata Taskforce

Research Interests
Moving image preservation, Digital Preservation, Open source tools, Open file formats, technical, structural and preservation metadata for AV



Kieran is the Access and Digital Collections Developer with the IFI Irish Film Archive. His primary tasks involve the implementation of predominantly open source tools that help to facilitate the digital preservation, access and quality control of digital moving image assets. Part of this role involves delivering in-house workshops on command line usage, python programming and open source tools.

Since 2015, he has written and maintained python scripts for use within the IFI.  These scripts are also open source and hosted on Github. He has also contributed to many open source projects, such as ffmprovisr, vrecord, QCTools, bagit-python, mediainfo and others. 

He has worked extensively with film, analog and digital tape in various projects within the IFI Irish Film Archive.