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Gabriele Pierantoni

Gabriele Pierantoni

Senior Software Engineer

Trinity Centre for High Performance Computing, Trinity College Dublin


DRI Role

Senior Software Engineer Work Package 5 and 7 

Research Interests
Workflows, Portals, Web Services, Object Oriented and functional programming


Gabriele Pierantoni joined TCHPC as a senior software engineer in 2014. Prior to this Gabriele was Principal Investigator of the SCI-BUS and ER-FLOW projects in the School of Computer Science and Statistics in Trinity College Dublin in the area of Distributed Computing Infrastructures to support scientific communities. 

During his PhD studies, and since graduating, Gabriele worked on three European Union projects and one PRTLI project in the areas of resource allocation for distributed computing, distributed storage systems and portal and workflows for heliophysics. Alongside his project work, Gabriele was also a member of the Grid-Ireland operations team that was responsible for deploying and managing the infrastructure for Ireland's National Grid Initiative.

In June 2014, Gabriele organised International Workshop on Science Gateways ( in Trinity College Dublin. Gabriele is now technical chairman for IWSG15 (