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Eoin Kilfeather

Eoin Kilfeather

Research Team Leader

DIT Digital Media Centre

Ad. Dip. Comm., B.Sc., M.Phil.
DRI Role

DIT Principal Investigator for DRI

Leader Work Package 6: Interface Tools

Research Interests
Narrative, User Experience and User Interaction Design, Social Software, Rich Media Interfaces
+353 (0) 1 402 3272



Eoin Kilfeather is a senior researcher and team leader in the DMC. He has been active in EU framework research since FP4 and has recently been Principal Investigator (PI) on the DIT coordinated ICING e-Government project, where he oversaw the development of 3D interfaces to city planning processes.

He has published on Cultural Herritage narrative and was DIT’s PI on the Open University co-ordinated CIPHER project (FP5 Heritage for All). He co-wrote the successful national Cultural Heritage Interfaces (CHI) proposal that saw the development of a virtual mobile interfaces test environment.

He is the interfaces lead investigator of the Digital Repository of Ireland project, co-ordinated by the Royal Irish Academy. He is a contributor to the HTML5 W3C working group. He is the coordinating PI of the three year, €4.3 million, FP7 Digital Libraries project DECIPHER, starting in January 2010, whose partners include the National Gallery of Ireland, the Irish Museum of Modern Art and the Alinari Photographic Archive in Florence.

Selected Publications

Eoin Kilfeather, Dermot Campbell, Yi Wang, Ciaran McDonnell, Marty Meinardi, Bunny Richardson. “HTML5 and the Learner of Spoken Languages”. proceedings British Association for Applied Linguistics Conference. University of Aberdeen. 9-11 September 2010

Eoin Kilfeather, John McAuley.  "A comparative analysis of ontological techniques in supporting online communities". 'The world is in your eyes' - proceedings Computer Applications in Archaeology. Tomar, Portugal. March 2005.

Eoin Kilfeather, Tim Redfern. "A method for presenting high resolution, archaeological 3D scan data in a narrative context". proceedings 3rd International Workshop on Presenting and Exploring Heritage on the Web (PEH) August, 2004, Zaragosa, Spain

Eoin Kilfeather, John McAuley, Anthony Corns, Oli McHugh. "Cultural Heritage Forum Design". proceedings ICHIM Cultural Heritage Informatics 2003,  L'Ecole du Louvre, Paris, September 8-12, 2003.

Eoin Kilfeather: "CIPHER - Internet cultural portals and the development of an Irish Cultural Heritage Forum". proceedings Computer Applications in Archaeology  - Enter the Past, Vienna, April 2003.

Eoin Kilfeather. “The development of interactive 3D presentation for cultural heritage environments”. proceedings ORION-NET workshop, National Museum of  Ireland, Dublin. December 5th 2002.

Eoin Kilfeather. “Hypertext, Narrative and Coherence: The role of the reader and writer in the practice of hypertext”. M. Phil Thesis. 1998.